Statuettes EXPERT 2014


During the conference, there will be awarded the EXPERT 2014 Statuettes. The statuettes are awarded to companies acting in the field of trenchless technologies for the innovations they made in the products as well as in technology for trenchless installation or rehabilitation of underground pipelines. We kindly invite all companies as well as institutions to take part in this competition.

The companies interested in the above mentioned competition can submit their products and technology in the following categories:
I. Trenchless Installation in 2012-2013
II. Trenchless Rehabilitation in 2012-2013

III. The innovative solutions in the range of devices, products or technology used for trenchless installation or rehabilitation as well as for diagnostics of underground pipelines in 2012-2013

Entry form to EXPERT 2014 download

Please note that:
● The coposition of the Competition Committee will be made of the Scientific and Honorary Organizing Committee Members,
● The submissions have to be sent by companies or institutions only on their own behalf,
● It is allowable to attach some additional materials to the final submission form such as descriptions, drawings, technical approvals all saved in electronic version,
● The deadline for submissions is 11 March 2014, the submission forms should be sent at the address: